Just a mum?

Recently I’ve been wrestling in my mind with the feeling of being ‘just a mum’. 
A colleague of my husband popped over the other evening and as I greeted him at the door I was aware of how messy I must have appeared. He asked me how I was and being that I was trying to cook a meal, clear up toys and find some painkillers for my headache, I told him that I was very busy but well.  
At the time I was taken aback by is response, ‘being a mum is very busy.’ I’m sure he didn’t mean to be condescending but to my tired self it felt like he had summed up my entire existence into three letters – m.u.m. I wanted to scream at him that I was so much more than that, that I had interests, passions, skills that were mine outside of my relationship to my children and the never-endingly-dull housework. I said that it was my newly appointed role of Chair to our local school’s PTA that was keeping me busy just so that he (and more importantly I) could see me as more than ‘just a mum’. 
I’m going to start getting a little more connected to the world, to share the fun parts of being a mum and the enjoyment of still being me through it all. 
Most crucially this is to celebrate the fact that no woman is ever ‘just a mum’ no matter how hard it feels sometimes. 


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