Well finally!

ZLRESo it’s now been over a year since my last blog post (oops!) and we are now living in a lovely house in a wonderful Norfolk village.  I’m currently sat in my pjs at the kitchen table with our youngest child, Edward (six weeks old) reclining in his bouncer on the floor next to me and our eldest boys, Louis and Robin (aged 4 and 2 1/2) playing in the garden as my husband reads the latest PR book outside.  He is fighting the urge to pull up the ever prevalent weeds whilst  showing suitable excitement at the freshly dug-up worms he is presented with.

I’m just starting to ‘come-to’ after a busy couple of months recovering from an emergency c-section (my full respect to all other c-section mothers – I had thought the first weeks after a natural birth were bad enough!) and adjusting to being the mother of three lovely boys, all with very different needs.  Breastfeeding around the clock, wiping bums, calming or telling upset children not to be so silly when disasters happen like I give them the wrong bowl at breakfast time or the wrong top to wear, the wrong bedtime story, etc (instances when two wrongs definitley don’t make a right!), their brother picks up the green tractor and not the blue one, they missed seeing the rubbish lorry go past, …. the list goes on. All absolutely dreadful events as I’m sure you’ll agree.  I sometimes feel like saying ‘just grow a pair!’ but it’s regularly made clear to me that they all already have!

Thankfully Edward has followed in his brothers lead with regards to sleep and only now wakes between 5.30 or 6am from a last feed at 10pm so I am actually now getting some rest.  As a result I’m beginning to tick off things on my JFDI list (a list of things I’ve been putting for way too long) like clearing out the garage, cutting down hedges, sorting through those cupboards which are chock full of all the things which never really had a designated place when we moved and so had since been missing, presumed forever lost.  I’m also going out for long walks in the beautiful countryside which surrounds our village and this week I plan to start proper exercise in a bid to get fit again.

In September, all going well, I hope to begin an online diploma course to further my knowledge of literacy teaching and dyslexia and really get my mind functioning again – it has been on a go slow for a while now with nappies, play dough, laundry and supermarket orders absorbing all my cognitive abilities.

In the mean time, I will blog about kick starting my mind, parenting – the good, the bad and the ugly aspects and about life itself.   I hope you find it entertaining!

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