She resolves not to dissolve!

So after far too long delaying the start of this blog, I thought I’d grab the bull by the horns and put finger to ipad and begin. The time couldn’t be better, this year is already shining with big and small changes.

My husband (BC) and I are currently living in Cambridge enjoying the lovely culture and variety of people, BC has very well seconded himself in the local Liberal Democrat party and enjoying being involved in local decision making and I have been making the occasional appearance at the parties as the dutiful wife. In the last year I have ended an extended maternity leave with our second son (R), started a new (and brilliant) job in a lovely school and joined the WI, yes you read that right, the WI! It’s not all Jam and Jerusalem these days I’m happy to report – I’ve had lots of fun meeting lots of lovely, interesting and liked minded young women from across Cambridge and have made lots of friends. Despite all these roots that we have established in this city we are to up sticks and move our family to the Norfolk countryside from whence I came. It’s odd, when we moved to this beautiful city nearly five years ago I was certain, nay we were certain that this was the place where we wanted to raise our family, either in the city or in a nearby village. However from the birth of our first child (L) I have been desperate to return to my own childhood area, to offer our children a similar childhood to that which I had enjoyed and the chance for them to grow up close to their young cousins. Having my parents close by (but not too close by!) will also be lovely for friendship, support and for so our children can really know them. I can’t wait!!

So that’s the short intro, over the next few months we are to serve notice on tenants in one property and sell it, find the forever house of our dreams, sell our Cambridge house and settle into our new life in Norfolk – not too busy then!?! At the same time I am determined to offer our children more varied play opportunities after I get home from work and make far more concerted effort to support their cognitive development. Although some of what I mention here may seem very subtle, simple and basic ideas what a lot of mothers do and have done every day (and many I have already have done with the boys at odd times), I am resigned to work at these activities daily and explain at least to myself just how they can support child development from a psychological standpoint (with some down to earth mothers notes too!).

Please be patient, the blog proper will start very soon….

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